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How Much Are Quingo Mobility Scooters: A Comprehensive Price Guide

How Much Are Quingo Mobility Scooters: A Comprehensive Price Guide

Quingo mobility scooters have gained popularity due to their innovative design and patented Quintell™ technology, offering a unique 5-wheel stability system. These scooters provide unparalleled comfort and safety to users, addressing common issues found in traditional three and four-wheel scooters. With various models available, including the Quingo Classic, the Quingo Ultra, and others, potential buyers may wonder about the cost of these advanced mobility scooters.

One factor that sets Quingo scooters apart from competitors is their ergonomic posture control, which ensures maximum comfort during both short and long trips. Users can enjoy precise leg and foot positioning with 80% more foot space than similarly sized 4-wheel models. This design reduces stress on the back, hips, knees, and ankle joints, making Quingo scooters an excellent investment. When considering the cost of a Quingo mobility scooter, it is essential to weigh the benefits of increased stability, safety, and comfort that these scooters promise.

For those interested in purchasing a Quingo mobility scooter, Mobility Nest offers a convenient online shopping experience. The website provides a wide selection of Quingo scooter models, allowing users to find the perfect fit for their mobility needs. By navigating to, customers can compare prices, read reviews, and take advantage of any available promotions, ensuring they get the best deal on their new Quingo mobility scooter.

Features of Quingo Mobility Scooters

5-Wheel Stability

Quingo mobility scooters are designed with a unique 5-wheel stability system that allows for ease when ascending and descending bumps and curbs up to 3 inches at an angle of up to 45 degrees. This innovative design helps prevent tipping and beaching, making it a safer and more reliable mobility scooter option.

Adaptive Footplates

The Quingo scooters are equipped with Quintell™ adaptive floating footplates that provide users with precise leg and foot positioning. The added benefit of these footplates is that they offer 80% more foot space than comparable 4-wheel mobility scooters, reducing stress on the back, hips, knees, and ankle joints.

Posture Control System

Quingo's ergonomic posture control system ensures user comfort on both short and long trips. This well-thought-out design promotes proper posture and alignment, preventing discomfort and strain while using the scooter.

Adjustable Seating

All Quingo mobility scooters come with adjustable seating features, including a two-tone, foldable standard seat with width and height-adjustable flip-up armrests, as well as a quick-release seat belt. Additionally, the seat has a forward and reverse sliding mechanism and a seat swivel functionality, allowing for maximum user convenience.

Types of Quingo Mobility Scooters

Quingo Flyte

The Quingo Flyte is a unique mobility scooter with adaptive footplates for full ergonomic posture control. This design provides exceptional comfort for users, even on long excursions. The feet-forward configuration allows individuals of taller stature and those with joint stiffness to ride comfortably.

Quingo Sport

Quingo Sport offers enhanced performance with a 5-wheel scooter design. It is perfect for individuals who are looking for a comfortable ride without sacrificing mobility or stability. This powerful scooter can reach speeds of up to 8 mph, ensuring that users can travel to their destinations quickly and efficiently.

Quingo Plus

The Quingo Plus mobility scooter is designed with safety in mind. It is a 5-wheel scooter that offers a top speed of 8 mph and is classified as a Pavement Mobility Vehicle (PMV). With high-quality engineering and assembly by certified technicians, the Quingo Plus delivers performance and convenience for users.

Quingo Classic

As the original model in the Quingo mobility scooter lineup, the Quingo Classic provides an affordable and reliable solution for users. With a top speed of 4 mph, this scooter is perfect for getting around the home, work, or local town environments. The Classic benefits from the innovative 5-wheel design and high-quality construction.

Quingo Vitess 2

The Quingo Vitess 2 is an advanced mobility scooter that offers users improved stability, maneuverability, and performance. With upgraded features and a sleek design, this scooter provides a comfortable ride without sacrificing any functionality.

How Much Do Quingo Mobility Scooters Cost?

Pricing Factors

When it comes to the cost of Quingo mobility scooters, various factors can influence the price. Some of these factors include:

  • Model: Quingo offers a range of scooters, each with different features and specifications. For instance, the Quingo Classic Mobility Scooter is an affordable option, while other models may have different prices based on their unique features.
  • Components: The materials used to construct the scooter, such as a lightweight aluminum chassis, can impact the price.
  • Unique features: Quingo mobility scooters are known for their innovative designs, such as Quintell™ technology, which offers increased stability and safety features. These patented designs can influence the cost of the scooters.

Financing Options

For those who may not be able to afford the full price of a Quingo mobility scooter upfront, there may be financing options available. Some retailers, such as, could offer specific financing plans for customers. When considering financing options, buyers should explore:

  • Interest rates and fees: The cost of borrowing money for a mobility scooter will depend on factors such as interest rates and additional fees.
  • Loan term: The length of the financing agreement can also impact the overall cost, as longer-term loans might result in paying more interest over time.
  • Down payment: Some financing plans may require an upfront payment, which can vary based on the scooter's price and the buyer's financial situation.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

Warranty Coverage

Quingo mobility scooters come with different warranty durations depending on the model:

  • For Quingo Ultra and Connect models, there is a 1-year limited warranty covering the frame, motor, electronics, docking station, and wiring against manufacturing defects.
  • Other Quingo models offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty.

For both categories, the warranty covers manufacturing defects only. The battery and consumable items like tires are covered against defects for 6 months.

Customer Service

Quingo customers can benefit from their aftercare and servicing support offered by the company. Under normal circumstances, a yearly service is adequate for maintaining a Quingo mobility scooter. Customers can schedule a service by contacting their customer service team at 01582 430 900. A certified Quingo mechanic may visit the customer to perform the required service.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Mobility Nest could be an excellent choice for purchasing a Quingo mobility scooter. They offer a wide range of models to suit different needs and budgets. Customers can browse through the available options, compare features and prices, and ultimately make an informed decision on which Quingo mobility scooter is best for them.

Before making a purchase, customers should take note of the warranty coverage and accessible customer support provided by Quingo. This ensures that they are well-informed about the after-sales support and any potential issues can be managed efficiently. By choosing to buy a Quingo mobility scooter from, customers can enjoy the freedom of mobility while having the peace of mind that they are getting the lowest price available on the market.

Alternatives to Quingo Mobility Scooters

Popular Brands

There are several popular brands in the mobility scooter market that provide alternatives to Quingo mobility scooters. Some of these well-known brands include:

  • Pride Mobility
  • Drive Medical
  • Invacare
  • Golden Technologies
  • Merits Health

Each of these brands offers a range of mobility scooters with various features and capabilities, catering to different needs and preferences.

Comparing Features

When comparing alternatives to Quingo mobility scooters, it's essential to consider various features and aspects, such as:

  1. Maneuverability: The unique 5-wheel design of Quingo scooters provides better maneuverability and a smaller turning radius as compared to other 4-wheel scooters.
  2. Transportability: Some of the alternatives may not offer the auto-loading feature present in Quingo Flyte. Consider the scooter's weight and ease of disassembly for transport when evaluating alternatives.
  3. Comfort: Quingo scooters claim to offer 80% more foot room and an excellent anatomical driving position. Evaluating seat comfort, legroom, and adjustable features in alternative scooters is important.
  4. Performance: Consider factors like scooter speed, range, and weight capacity when comparing different brands and models.

Buying a Quingo Mobility Scooter

If you decide that a Quingo mobility scooter is the right choice for you, consider purchasing it from This online retailer offers a range of Quingo scooters, including popular models such as the Quingo Ultra and Quingo Toura 2.

When buying from, customers can expect:

  • A wide selection of Quingo mobility scooters and accessories
  • Competitive pricing and occasional discounts or promotions
  • Informed and responsive customer service to assist with product inquiries and concerns
  • Secure online shopping and various payment options

Purchasing a Quingo mobility scooter from provides an easy and convenient option for customers seeking a reliable, high-quality mobility solution.

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