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Military Discount for Mobility Scooters: 5% OFF

Military Discount for Mobility Scooters: 5% OFF

Mobility Nest understands the sacrifices made by military personnel in serving their country, and as a token of appreciation, they proudly offer a 5% discount on mobility scooters for veterans and active-duty military members. This discount aims to make mobility devices more accessible to those who have put their lives on the line to protect our freedom and security.

To avail of the 5% discount at Mobility Nest, it's as simple as emailing a picture of the valid military or veteran identification to Once the ID is verified, the valued servicemen and women will receive the discount, making it easier for them to obtain a mobility scooter that can enhance their daily lives and provide greater independence.

Mobility Nest is dedicated to providing superior quality and service to their customers, including the brave servicemen and women who have served their country. Ensuring that they have access to mobility scooters at an affordable price is just one way to show gratitude for their service and dedication.

Military Discount on Mobility Scooters at Mobility Nest

Mobility Nest proudly offers a 5% discount on mobility scooters for veterans and active military members. This discount is a special recognition and appreciation of the sacrifices and services given by our military personnel.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the military discount, the individual must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Be an active duty member of the United States military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard).
  2. Be a member of the US National Guard or Reserves.
  3. Be a retired or discharged veteran with proper identification (DD214, Veterans ID, or other proof of service).

How To Apply

To receive the 5% military discount on mobility scooters, simply use code "Military" at checkout.

By offering this military discount, Mobility Nest aims to make high-quality mobility scooters more accessible to those who have served our country.

The Benefits of Mobility Scooters for Veterans

Mobility scooters provide numerous advantages for veterans, especially those who experience mobility issues. Mobility Nest offers a generous 5% military discount on mobility scooters, ensuring that veterans have affordable access to the equipment they need. To receive the discount, veterans and military personnel should send a picture of their ID to

Increased Independence

One of the most significant benefits of mobility scooters for veterans is the increased independence they provide. Veterans often face mobility challenges due to injuries sustained during their service or from aging. By using a mobility scooter, veterans can regain their freedom and navigate their surroundings with ease.

  • Mobility: Mobility scooters allow veterans to maneuver around without relying on others for assistance, resulting in an increased sense of autonomy.
  • Accessibility: Many public places, such as stores and parks, are designed to accommodate mobility scooters, making it easier for veterans to enjoy outings without feeling limited by their physical abilities.

Improved Quality of Life

Mobility scooters not only increase independence but also contribute to an overall improvement in the quality of life for veterans.

  • Social Engagement: By using a mobility scooter, veterans can more easily engage in social activities, attend events, and maintain relationships with friends and family members.
  • Physical Well-being: Mobility scooters offer a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation, allowing veterans to participate in outdoor activities and maintain a more active lifestyle.
  • Mental Health: The increased freedom and independence associated with using a mobility scooter can significantly improve mental health by reducing feelings of isolation and enabling veterans to engage in activities that bring them joy.

The 5% military discount provided by Mobility Nest on mobility scooters is a significant gesture of appreciation for the service and sacrifices made by veterans. This discount allows veterans to access the benefits of mobility scooters, resulting in increased independence and an overall improvement in their quality of life.

Types of Mobility Scooters Available at Mobility Nest

Mobility Nest offers a variety of mobility scooters designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers. With the goal of helping seniors and adults with mobility issues maintain their independence, Mobility Nest provides a 5% military discount on all scooters for veterans and military personnel. To avail this discount, customers can simply send a picture of their ID to The following sub-sections provide more information on the types of mobility scooters available at Mobility Nest.

Travel Mobility Scooters

Travel mobility scooters at Mobility Nest are designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. These scooters are perfect for individuals who need a mobility aid on-the-go and can be easily disassembled into smaller pieces for transportation in the trunk of a car. With a range of styles, colors, and features, there is a travel mobility scooter to suit different preferences and requirements.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Heavy-duty mobility scooters at Mobility Nest cater to the needs of individuals with greater weight capacities and wider dimensions for increased stability. These scooters are built to withstand rough terrains and provide a comfortable ride for users. Equipped with powerful motors, rugged tires, and durable suspension systems, heavy-duty mobility scooters can handle more challenging outdoor conditions while ensuring a smooth driving experience.

Folding Mobility Scooters

Folding mobility scooters at Mobility Nest offer the ultimate convenience for those who need a compact and easily storable scooter. With a simple folding mechanism, these scooters can be efficiently folded and stored in tight spaces, making them an ideal choice for individuals with limited storage or those who frequently travel. Despite their compact design, folding mobility scooters do not compromise on comfort and performance, providing a smooth and dependable ride.

In summary, Mobility Nest offers a diverse range of mobility scooters, including travel, heavy-duty, and folding models, to cater to the unique requirements of its customers. Furthermore, a 5% military discount is available to veterans and military personnel as a token of appreciation for their service.

Financing Options and Additional Discounts

Financing Plans (Affirm)

Mobility Nest offers financing options for purchasing mobility scooters that feature competitive rates and a user-friendly platform. They have teamed up with Affirm, a reputable financing company, to provide convenient and flexible financing plans for their customers. Affirm allows customers to purchase mobility scooters and pay over time with fixed monthly payments that suit their budget. This makes it easier for veterans and military personnel to afford a mobility scooter without any financial burden.

Customer Support and Warranty

At Mobility Nest, military personnel and veterans receive top-notch customer support and an excellent warranty on mobility scooters. To avail of the 5% discount, the veteran or military person should send a picture of their ID to

Assistance in Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter

Mobility Nest's dedicated customer support team is always ready to help military personnel and veterans choose the right mobility scooter that best suits their needs. Their knowledgeable staff can guide customers in selecting a scooter based on factors like:

  • Terrain: Whether the scooter will be used primarily indoors or outdoors
  • Portability: If the scooter needs to be easily foldable or transportable
  • Drive range: Battery life and the distance it can travel without recharging
  • Weight capacity: Ensuring the scooter can accommodate the user's weight

By understanding each customer's unique requirements, Mobility Nest helps make an informed decision when purchasing the ideal mobility scooter.

Warranty and Service Availability

Mobility Nest understands the importance of a reliable warranty and offers comprehensive coverage for their mobility scooters. The warranty ensures that military personnel and veterans can have peace of mind knowing their investment is protected. The warranty typically covers:

  • Frame and structural components
  • Electrical parts, such as controllers and motors
  • Batteries and chargers

In addition, Mobility Nest offers a dedicated service team capable of troubleshooting and resolving any issues that may arise with the scooters. To make the process even more convenient, their skilled technicians are available for both on-site and remote assistance.

In summary, Mobility Nest prioritizes customer support and warranty for military personnel and veterans looking for mobility scooters. They provide assistance in selecting the most suitable scooter and ensuring it is backed by a comprehensive warranty and reliable service team. With a 5% discount available upon submitting their ID, military personnel and veterans can make a confident and well-informed purchase.

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