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Are Mobility Scooters Allowed at Disney?

Are Mobility Scooters Allowed at Disney?

Mobility scooters are a popular choice for individuals with mobility impairments who want to explore the Walt Disney World theme parks. These scooters provide a comfortable and efficient way to navigate the parks, especially for those who have difficulty walking long distances. However, it is important to know the rules and regulations regarding the use of mobility scooters at Disney World to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Disney World allows the use of mobility scooters in its theme parks. However, there are some guidelines that must be followed. For instance, the scooters must be operated at a walking pace and cannot exceed 36 inches in width and 52 inches in length. Additionally, they can only be used by a single rider and must have at least three wheels. Disney World also offers rental services for mobility scooters, which can be reserved in advance or on the day of the visit.

Disney's Accessibility Policy


Disney Parks have a strong commitment to providing an inclusive environment and accessible experiences for all guests. The company has a comprehensive accessibility policy in place to ensure that guests with disabilities have the same opportunities to enjoy the parks as everyone else. The policy covers a range of disabilities, including mobility disabilities, visual and hearing impairments, and cognitive disabilities.

Mobility Scooters Allowed

Disney permits the use of mobility scooters in all of its parks. These devices can be rented from Disney or brought by guests themselves. However, there are some guidelines that must be followed:

  • Guests must be at least 18 years old to rent a mobility scooter.
  • Scooters must be operated safely and in accordance with Disney's guidelines.
  • Guests are responsible for the safe operation and storage of their scooters.
  • Scooters cannot be left unattended in any park or attraction.

Disney provides designated parking areas for mobility scooters throughout the parks. These areas are located near attractions and restaurants and are clearly marked. Guests are also allowed to take their scooters on all modes of Disney transportation, including buses, monorails, and boats.

In addition to mobility scooters, Disney also provides other accessibility options for guests with mobility disabilities. These include wheelchair rentals, which can be rented by the day or for the length of a guest's stay. Guests can also use Disney's Disability Access Service (DAS), which provides assistance for guests who have difficulty waiting in lines due to a disability.

Overall, Disney's accessibility policy is designed to ensure that guests with disabilities have a safe and enjoyable experience at the parks. The policy is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it remains effective and relevant to the needs of all guests.

Mobility Scooters at Disney

Mobility Scooter Disney

When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, guests with mobility disabilities may wonder if mobility scooters are allowed in the parks. The answer is yes, mobility scooters are allowed, and Disney provides rental options for those who need them.

Types of Mobility Scooters

There are two types of mobility scooters available for rent at Walt Disney World: Electric Conveyance Vehicles (ECVs) and Wheelchairs. ECVs are motorized vehicles that can be driven around the parks, while wheelchairs are manually propelled. Both options provide a comfortable way for guests with mobility disabilities to navigate the parks.

Rental Options

Guests can rent ECVs and wheelchairs at various locations throughout the parks. Rental prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and the length of rental time. Guests can also rent ECVs and wheelchairs from outside vendors, but they must follow Disney's rules and regulations when using them in the parks.

Rules and Regulations

Disney has specific rules and regulations for guests who use mobility scooters in the parks. These rules are in place to ensure the safety of all guests and to prevent damage to park property. Some of the rules and regulations include:

  • Guests must be at least 18 years old to rent an ECV.
  • ECVs must be operated at a safe speed and must not exceed the weight limit.
  • ECVs must be used only on designated paths and walkways.
  • ECVs must not be used to carry more than one person.
  • ECVs must not be left unattended or blocking walkways.

By following these rules and regulations, guests with mobility disabilities can enjoy a safe and comfortable visit to Walt Disney World.

Overall, mobility scooters are allowed at Walt Disney World, and guests with mobility disabilities have rental options available to them. By following Disney's rules and regulations, guests can enjoy a safe and enjoyable visit to the parks.

Navigating Disney with a Mobility Scooter

Disney World is a magical place for everyone and mobility scooters are allowed in the park. However, navigating the park with a mobility scooter can be challenging. Here are some tips to help make your Disney World experience with a mobility scooter as smooth as possible.

Accessibility Maps and Guides

Disney World provides accessibility maps and guides for guests with mobility issues. These maps show the location of accessible entrances, restrooms, and parking areas. They also provide information on the accessibility of attractions, rides, and restaurants. Guests can obtain these maps and guides at the Guest Relations office or download them from the Disney World website.

Attractions and Rides

Many of Disney World's attractions and rides are accessible to guests with mobility scooters. However, some attractions may require guests to transfer from their mobility scooter to a ride vehicle. Guests can check the accessibility of attractions and rides on the accessibility maps and guides. It is recommended that guests with mobility scooters arrive at the attraction entrance at least 15 minutes before the scheduled ride time to allow for transfer time.

Restaurants and Dining

Disney World has many restaurants and dining options that are accessible to guests with mobility scooters. Guests can check the accessibility of restaurants and dining options on the accessibility maps and guides. Disney World also offers special dietary accommodations for guests with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Guests can inform their server of their dietary needs when ordering.

In conclusion, navigating Disney World with a mobility scooter can be challenging but with the help of accessibility maps and guides, accessible attractions and rides, and accessible restaurants and dining options, guests with mobility issues can enjoy all that Disney World has to offer.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

When planning a visit to Disney World, it's important to consider mobility issues and whether a mobility scooter is necessary. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth experience.

Preparing for Your Visit

Before arriving at Disney World, visitors should research the parks and plan their routes. This will help them avoid areas with steep inclines or stairs, which can be difficult to navigate with a mobility scooter. It's also important to reserve a scooter in advance to ensure availability.

Navigating Crowds

Disney World can be crowded, especially during peak season. Visitors with mobility scooters should be prepared to navigate through crowds and wait times. It's important to drive slowly and be prepared to brake to avoid collisions. Having someone in the travel party walk ahead of the scooter can also help prevent people from jumping in front of it.

Staying Safe

Safety is a top priority at Disney World. Visitors with mobility scooters should be aware of their surroundings and follow all safety rules. This includes wearing a seatbelt while driving the scooter and not exceeding the speed limit. It's also important to park the scooter in designated areas and not leave it unattended.

In conclusion, with proper planning and awareness, visitors with mobility scooters can have a smooth and enjoyable experience at Disney World.

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