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Feather Mobility

Feather Mobility is a company specializing in lightweight mobility solutions, offering a range of innovative products designed for easy transportation. Their product lineup includes:

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1. Feather Chair - 13.5 lbs: A lightweight folding wheelchair, the Feather Chair weighs only 13.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest wheelchairs available. It utilizes new materials for enhanced mobility on the go.

2. Feather Power Chair - 33 lbs: For those seeking powered mobility, Feather Mobility provides a Feather Power Chair weighing just 33 pounds. This electric power chair offers a compact and maneuverable option.

3. Feather Mobility Lightweight Electric Scooter - 37 lbs: Feather Mobility also offers a lightweight electric scooter, weighing 37 pounds. This scooter provides a convenient and portable solution for individuals with mobility challenges.

In summary, Feather Mobility focuses on delivering ultra-lightweight and portable mobility solutions, ranging from folding wheelchairs to power chairs and electric scooters.

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